In this time of virus and social distancing, I have had few scheduled performances. Having received the full vaccine including a full 3rd dose,, I am now beginning to schedule gigs! The main thing is for everyone to stay safe, survive, and live to see a return to our creative lives performing and enjoying all forms of music, literature and art!
Below are a few upcoming performances for 2022! Watch this space! 

2022  Let's hope this is a better year for everyone! 8^)*

Below gigs cancelled due to broken rib! See you in March, I hope!
January 8th  A double header! Blues Brunch at Old Neighborhood Pub in Cedar Rapids 10AM-12PM and QDogs BBQ in Marion 6-8PM

January 28th QDogs BBQ in Marion 6-8PM Last gig before heading south to warm up! 8^)

Just added a couple of new dates! Yippee!
February 26th QDogs BBQ in Marion 6-8PM 8^)
March 4th        QDogs BBQ in Marion 6-8PM 8^) with Paul Cunliffe on drums
March 26th      QDogs BBQ in Marion 6-8PM 8^) with Paul Cunliffe on drums

April 9th      The Sanctuary 8PM 405 So. Gilbert St. Iowa City w/Paul        Cunliffe,  percussion
April 15th    QDogs BBQ in Marion 6PM  (solo)
April 23rd    Alebrije Mexican Restaurant  Spring Music Series  11AM-2PM!             on 401 South Linn Street in Iowa City  w/Paul Cunliffe, percussion
April 30th    QDogs BBQ in Marion 6PM  w/Paul Cunliffe, percussion

Oy vey! below all cancelled due to surgery for a ventral hernia! Sorry!
May 7th      QDogs BBQ in Marion  6PM  solo
May 8th     Checkers Tavern/Restaurant in Cedar Rapids Sunday Afternoon 4-7PM Pop-Up Jam Session featuring Dennis 'Daddio' McMurrin, Dan Johnson, Paul Cunliffe and Eric Douglas swapping songs and improvising blues and jazz!
May 21      Sutliff Cider, Lisbon IA 5-8PM w/ Paul Cunliffe, percussion
May 27     The Sanctuary 8PM w/ Paul Cunliffe, percussion

2022 Summer gigs to look forward to (if the creek don't rise and wildfires don't interfere!) 8^)*

June 26th - 1-4pm
Ernie's on Gull  Brainerd, MN (218-829-3918) Outdoors. Call ahead!
July 10th - 1-4pm
Ernie's on Gull  Brainerd, MN (218-829-3918) Outdoors. Call ahead! 

Back to Iowa!
October 23rd Old Neighborhood Pub  5-8PM with Paul Cunliffe, drums

October 30th, Sutliffe Cider 5-8PM with Paul Cunliffe, drums